Lie-Nielsen acquisitions


My favourite modern day tool company is without a doubt Lie-Nielsen. I thought I should compile a post on the various acquisitions I’ve made so far. Below are some pictures of my first shipment. Most of these tools are by now indispensable members of my tool regiment.


The five DVDs were complimentary gifts that has changed the way I do woodwork for ever. The dusting brush is never more than an arm’s length away while I am in the shop.


This is the first quality hand saw (carcass in this case) I’ve ever owned. It is superb in every way. I have since a added their dovetail and tenon saws to my collection.


Their no 4½ Smoothing plane with a 50º frog and a small block plane that has see a hell of a lot of work by now.


Low Angle (bevel up) Jackplane with adjustable mouth. I use this predominantly with a toothed blade to remove material fast in conjunction with my shop made scrub plane and no 606 Bedrock with a fairly aggressive cambered blade. You will find posts on each of my shop made hand planes and one documenting the rehabilitation of the #606 elsewhere on this site.


Their large scraping plane arrived with the tote damaged. LN had absolutely no problems with replacing it and simply added a new tote to my next shipment.


June 2013

In this shipment I received heaps of Lie-Nielsen blade/chipbreaker combinations for all the wooden planes I’ve built during 2013. You can see how each blade and shipbreaker has it’s production date and the initials of the quality control inspector on the wrapping paper. This is the Lie-Nielsen attention to detail that I love and appreciate. Also included in the shipment were a Magni-Focuser for sharpening, a 1″ bed float, a couple of double extra slim taper files and a DVD on making side escape planes.







At the time (November 2013) I ordered this set of bevel edge chisels they were out of stock at LN. Due to their serious quality control and meticulous processes to ensure the absolute best products, I only received the shipment in March 2014.


Part of this order was a LN replacement blade for the no. 78 Stanley rabbet plane I rehabilitated at the time (you will find and entire post dedicated to this project under the category ‘Rehabilitation of old tools’ on this site). You can see a picture with the #78 sporting it’s new blade and a chipbreaker/lever cap I fashion out of brass as the original were missing. Incidentally the brass lever cap lends a Lie-Nielsen-esque appearance to this vintage Stanley. The Lie-Nielsen replacement blade is significantly thicker than the Stanley original.


The chisels are beyond words in terms of quality and precision of machining. Since taking ownership of these babies, they have see a lot of heavy work chopping out humongous mortises during the process of building my 18th century style workbench. (you will find a series of posts entitled ‘My workbench 1-4′ documenting this process in detail.)




My most recent shipment to date included a closed throat router plane, a tongue and groove plane, and two sets of vise hardware for the workbench I am building. I will try to remember to add photos once the hardware have been installed.