Spice rack February 2013

I made this spice rack for our pantry in late February 2013. I used plywood and scrap pieces of Dolfhout. In the pictures below you can see how useful the jigs for routing dados can be. It should also be obvious how my assembly table assists with holding the jigs and stock while routing the dados. It is a bit difficult to see in these pictures but I am routing the back and two sides all at the same time to ensure that the dados line up perfectly in the assembled rack.



Here I am using my Festool Domino to mortise slots for the dominos to strengthen the joinery. Again you can see how the t-track on the side of my assembly table helps to hold the stock for this task.


I used screws together with dominos and glue to assemble the pieces.



The shelves were made up of 6 mm plywood that slotted perfectly into the dados cut earlier.


Each shelve were covered up with a fairly thin strip of Dolfhout that also acts as an edge to stop spice containers from falling out.




Here you can see it finished on the wall in the pantry. Most of our spice come from our own garden.