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As I have written ad nauseum in the past, Namibia is not a particularly Utopian wasteland for tool collectors. It was thus with some surprise that I found this old Bosch drill in quite an exceptional condition at an Antiques Shop in Swakopmund. I already have two old corded hand drills given to me by my father, but wanted to buy this one for my son. At the equivalent of US$36 it was not going to break the bank either, so why not?

Clearly this drill seems to be from an era prior to the dark blue and green colours used by Bosch in more recent years. What I want to find out from all you tool aficionados is, how old is this drill and would it be considered to be any good? Yes Bob I am referring to people like you who has an embarrassing amount of knowledge on tools of any description.

It has “Scintilla SA” and “Switzerland” on the metal label. Maybe that helps.

I would appreciate any info to help know a bit more about the history of these drills.


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  1. I’m affraid my knowledge of portable electric tools is not very deep…
    I can however tell you what I gleaned in the pics.

    That tool use the universal symbol of two square inside each other, meaning it is double insulated, thus not requiring a 3 prong plug (no ground pin). I dont know when that started, it started in Germany I believe, and here in North America, MF were the first to use that feature in 1964

    Your model No is 0 603 145 136

    It looks like being from the early 80s or possibly newer.

    And that is about all I can find from looking at your pics…


    Bob, much more knowledgeable with hand tools 🙂

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