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Shop made winkelhaak

2/12/2013 – So what is a Winkelhaak? It is Afrikaans for trisquare.

I have been unable to buy a small trisquare in the local market, despite trying for more than 18 months. So 10 days ago I decided to make a few from wood and a couple using a combination of wood and brass. They are so straight forward to make that I will not insult your intelligence by showing the steps involved. In the picture below you can see the collection of scrap pieces of wood I chose from to make them.


Here you have the all-wood set. The two smaller ones have Kershout blades and Assegaai handles. The alpha-square has a Olienhout handle and Assegaai blade.



The brass-wood squares are still in production. I will add pictures in due course.

9/12/2013 – And here it is, the first of two, the other one will have to wait until next year. It has a Stinkhout handle and a 6 mm thick brass blade.