Shooting plane pregnancy


This will be the first of a new type of post I am planning to do. I will post updates on each project as I progress. In other words, writing the post while I build the object.

The plan is to start building a dedicated shooting plane and shooting board. Below you can see the rough sketches I made while on the airplane this past weekend. The wife and I flew down south to attend the 90th birthday celebrations of the best rugby school in the history of the game. Outeniqua of course.

The idea with this plane is to slope the sides of the plane in order to skew the cutting edge of the blade just enough to create a slight sheering cut. The plane will slope down to allow the angled cutting edge to jam the stock that is being cut down into the corner created by the floor and the rail of the shooting board, rather than potentially lifting it. I am also playing around with ideas to potentially have a way to use the plane on both sides of the shooting board while still ensuring a comfortable grip. You can join me as I design and build the plane over the few weeks/months.

Shooting plane design

19/8/2013 – I started off with the shooting plane this weekend. I prepared the stock of the Shooting Plane together with that of a 30″ Jointer, a 22″ Fore Plane and a 17″ Jack Plane from the two boards seen below. In these pictures they are fresh out of the Planer.


Here you can see the parts of the Jack Plane (left) and the Shooting Plane (right).



I used my bandsaw to re-saw some ysterhout for the sides of the Shooting Plane and the soles of the other planes. I then processed it further in the planer.


I made a few drawings on the stock to test the ideas I had as seen in the rough sketches in the first picture.


Here you can see the ysterhout sides of the Shooting Plane posing with the yet-to-be laminated beech stock.


The same ingredients with their cousins-to-be as mentioned.


I utilised most of my current arsenal of planes to prepare the beech stock for lamination.



As I already used up most of my clamps for the Jack Plane’s lamination, I employed my face vise in tandem with a few random C and F-style clamps to laminate the Shooting Plane on the same day.


3/9/2013 – Please be patient as I am currently working on the three planes that look similar apart from their length. I will get back to the shooting plane once these are finished.

14/10/2013 – Finally I managed to do some work on this project over the weekend. You can see how I sliced the beech blank creating a triangular centre piece, it’s two sides and the two triangular bits of waste. The plane has this odd shape to skew the cutting edge by about 7º creating a slight sheering cut.



The rough-sawn sides of the centre piece were flattened by alternating use of the Lie-Nielsen low angle Jack Plane with a toothed blade and my own shop made Jack Plane. The final touches were done with the longer Fore Plane (also pictured).



In order to cut the ramp in the centre piece, I had to come up with the setup below in addition to using my shop made bandsaw mitre-sled. I wrote an entire post on how the sled was built, which you will find under the category “Jigs”.







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