Je Ne Sais Quoi Woodworking received a nomination for the Blogger Awards

A big thanks to Jonathan White from The Bench Blog for the nomination. He on the other hand was nominated by the Woodworkers Guild of America themselves and I would like to encourage anyone out there who enjoys his excellent blog to do the same. After learning about the nomination of JNSQW, I in turn nominated Robert Demers’ blog The Valley Woodworker.

I want to ask our readers who finds these blogs useful to keep nominating as it seems only the blogs with the most nominations will end up being selected for the voting stage of the competition.

You can go here to check out how the competition works.

Let’s see if a woodworking blog from Africa can make it in America?

Thanks for commenting on Je ne sais quoi Woodworking

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    • Thank you Brian, nice to hear from you. I have also nominated Toolerable!
      I am pretty sure you will be amongst the glitterati once the results are published.
      Have a wonderful day mate.