Festool TS55 issue


I use the Festool TS55 with the basic unit of the CMS (Compact Module System) as a table saw. One problem I seem to have on a fairly regular basis is pictured below. The sawdust does not clear adequately necessitating a proper clean, which takes up time that I would rather spend working wood. I am not using it with a dust collection system as I cannot justify the expense yet, so I guess that might be part of the problem. I am very happy in every other way with all the Festools I own. This is really the only problem I’ve come across.


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  1. Thats not ‘part of the problem’ it is the problem! put some extraction on it and youll never have another problem with dust build up

    1. Thanks for you comment Chris. I agree with you, but the best thing is that I still (to this day) do not have any form of dust extraction! Stay in touch.
      Kind regards

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