The Mighty Okavango River Migration 2014


The reason why I have been so quiet is the fact that we migrated to our fishing camp on the Might Okavango for the usual early May fishing foray. Here are some photos.



Due to the late rain in the highlands of Angola, we had to haul our stuff over about three kilometres of flood plane with these mokoro’s to reach our secluded little island.




According to the legendary Dr Spoedie van Schalkwyk there was a massive lion resting on this piece of grass about a week prior to our braai.


A Lechwe feeding not too far from our braai spot.



A few lekker sessions at a local shebeen usually completes the picture. That is of course after having to kill a massive Angolan Spitting Cobra and a Black Mamba, as well as dodging a beautiful Boomslang all week.