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Drill bit shelve

21/9/2013 – After all the arduous plane-building-manoeuvres, I decided to do something different before continuing with the unfinished Jointer and Shooting Plane. My Drill Press is at least 5 meters or so away from my assembly table were all of the drill bits I own lived until this weekend. This resulted in some serious calorie burning, while perambulating the workshop in order to provide the mentioned Drill Press with suitable dentures for it’s multifarious activities.

I therefore decided to build a austere drill bit shelve aimed at limiting my calorie expenditure. In the picture below you can see a collection of the drill bits I own in this particular year of our Lord.


I found an old piece of timber that was salvaged from a sideboard that used to belong to my grandparents. I ripped it into the strips seen below. As it was a tad short of what was needed I ferreted around and found small pieces of Ysterhout and Witpeer to supplement the reclaimed timber.


Here you can see the future arms of my humble elfin shelve.


This picture indicates how I marked out the area to be removed from the set of arm-anchors (or maybe shoulders is a better term).



Before removing it, I first drilled the holes for the screws that would eventually anchor the anchors.


This gave me some much needed practice to saw to a line as you can see. The waste was then removed by chopping it out with a sharp chisel.


With some careful pairing I managed to custom-fit the anchors to the vertical spine of the shelve.


Here you can see the anchors glued and screwed to the spine.


The unexpurgated spine-anchor-assembly was then fixed to the wall next to the Drill Press.


I then attached the multitude of arms, most of which were already armed with it’s own array of drill bits, but some were left barren for future bit acquisitions.


The arms swing towards the front to improve access to the bit of choice.


Just another stunning idea from Je Ne Sais Quoi Woodworking.