Another scratch awl

11/11/2013 – Last week I took some of the beech left over from my plane building phase, laminated two bits and used it to turn some handles.



The idea was to turn a handle of similar design for a second scratch awl and one for a chipbreaker/capscrew screwdriver.


This is the handle that became the alternative scratch awl. I wanted an awl that is designed to make holes for accurate drilling as apposed to scratching/scribing lines at which my first shop made awl excels.



The punch I used was epoxied, tapped in and then clamped in position by the tight fitting ferrule.


I stuck the awl in the drill press to tidy up the copper with sandpaper.


After a treatment with tung oil and Wooddock it is posing with it’s brothers and sisters. These are all shop made marking tools.