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I would like to thank Siavosh Bahrami sincerely for including my site on www.woodspotting.com. I have been documenting my woodwork journey since March 2013, without knowing whether there is anyone out there benefitting from it or not. Since he included me on his blog aggregator, two things have happened. In the first place, I have found heaps of other blog sites that I learn from and enjoy. In the second place, I can see that a few woodworkers are starting to look at my posts.

Being stuck in woodworking hinterland can be quite challenging when it comes to sharing ideas and that feeling of being part of a community. Since frequenting woodspotting, I’ve realised that there are several other woodworkers in a similar position, but I think I might still take the cake (so to speak). So far I have not found any other woodwork blogger from Africa, a continent that is home to 1 166 239 000 souls. It looks like Namibia is once again leading the way on the African continent! Or have I missed someone?

It is fascinating to see pictures of the different weather conditions that prevails outside some of the blogger’s shops. It got me thinking. I should start taking pictures of the unique semi-desert/savanna terroir around my shop. Even the shots of birdlife, as per Peter Follansbee’s site, is inspiring. My son is doing a science project at present where he records all the indigenous birds we see in our garden. Once I have a decent lense for my 7D, you might see some pictures of the Shaft-Tailed Whydah, Paradice Flycatcher, African Red-Eyed Bulbul, Green-Winged Pytilia, etc etc. In the meantime, you will have to be content with the picture of Zebras taken in the Etosha Game Reserve a few years ago.

Anyway, it feels good to at least have some vague sense of being part of a woodworking community.

Siavosh, you are a legend mate.


Gerhard Marx

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  1. Thanks again for the kind words Gerhard, glad I can help a tiny bit to spread the word and help folks make connections 🙂

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