Second acquisition from Patrick Leach


My second (of hopefully many more) shipments from Patrick Leach arrived yesterday. It reached these shores in perfect condition after a two week journey and a further week of faffing around at Namibia’s customs.

June 2014 US postal


A group photo.


This is a Buck Brothers drawknife made around the turn of the previous century by this famous company. It is an absolute gem, they simply do not make tools like this anymore.


A #71 open throat Stanley router plane with three different blades, in original box and hardly ever used condition.


A #923 Stanley 10″ brace in perfect condition and no obvious signs of being used much at all. Again, you simply can not buy anything approaching this quality made more recently.


These are two Sorby (Sheffield made) pairing chisels Patrick acquired in England recently and shipped it to the USA, only for the edge tools to extradite themselves to Namibia after a very brief visit. There are a ¾” and a 1″, both in as new condition with the usual boxwood handles.


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