December 2014 tool finds.


This December holiday turned into a fairly successful tool solicitation exercise. I met some people dealing in antique stuff and found new tool hunting grounds for future purposes. In the picture below you can see the artifacts I managed to secure.


This massive “treksaag” I bought at an antiques auction.


I met a lady who is the owner of an antiques/coffee shop in Groot Brakrivier at the auction. I later bought a few old tools, including this brass and leather bound tape measure from her.


She also sold me this old ink roller, which is destined to become a glue roller.


This medium sized screw driver (embossed with “Yankee patent made by Stanley”) I bought for R65 (US$5,64 with todays exchange rate). They fetch between US$50-75 (shipping not included) if bought form antique tool dealers. I love these and only had the large version until now. I use them all the time, so this would probably be my favourite of the lot.


My father in-law gave this more recent version of the Yankee patent to me as a present. This one (large size) has only the Stanley name on it. He bought it new in 1978 for R18,40 as you can see on the original box. It has a plastic red handle, as opposed to the wooden handles of the earlier models. I think this could become my son’s first Yankee!


Speaking of Didi, I also bought this run down Stanley Bailey no. 4, which we will rehab together. It will be his first bench plane. It was R300 (US$26). I am certainly no expert, but it looks to be a Type 17 (ca 1942-1945).


This a collection of wooden smoothers and joiners found in 2013 and 2014. I will use these for decorative purposes in the shop.


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