Witpeer rolling pin


The end of year holiday season is approaching fast, but not fast enough for my liking. For that reason I am doing lots of small projects for the beach house. It almost feels like I am already there, if I am engaged in these projects.

With that in mind I turned a rolling pin this weekend. As you already know, I am the family chef during the holidays so it will come in handy. In order to get to the desired dimensions I laminate three bits of Witpeer. A common problem I tend to encounter with my prehistoric lathe is that it sounds and feels like the whole shop is about to be sent into orbit while the stock is unbalanced. To limit this harrowing experience, I do as much of the rounding work as possible before loading the canon.

In the picture below you can see how one can use a twin screw vise, two dogs and a bit of scrap wood to hold the stock for this type of operation.  I then removed the waste with a very aggressively set Shaw’s Patent no. 5 Jack Plane.


I usually design stuff like this while turning it.


Done. Come on summer!!


2 thoughts on “Witpeer rolling pin”

    1. Hi Bob

      To be honest, the rolling pin will probably be more useful in close quarter combat with another troublesome species we have in Southern Africa. They are called burglars. I do prefer trouble with the monkeys over trouble with the latter species.

      Gerhard, shaping and moulding burglars.

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