Third acquisition from Patrick Leach


My third shipment from Patrick arrived today. As you can see it contained a Stanley no.271 mini-router plane, a Stanley no.10 Rabbet plane (ca 1910) and a Stanley Bedrock no.607.


I first decided not to do much more than sharpening the blade and the usual flattening of the key surfaces (of the #607), but after taking it apart my OCD kicked in. As you can see it is a plane in very good condition given it’s age (as far as I can deduct from “Patrick’s blood and gore” it should be ca 1912-1925 given the style of levercap), but I have a problem as you might know by now. Therefore the main casting were also sent off (a few days after the other bits) to Kenney at the Propshop for a beadblast-exfoliation.



These babies were made between 1926-1973, but I have no idea when this particular specimen were fashioned. It is however the only member of the party that escaped my Rehab-compulsion.



This is the #10 aged 113. It will receive the full wroth of my compulsive rehab-therapy.




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