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I want to apologise for my absence from the woodworking blogosphere over the past week. Unfortunately we’ve had a really horrible time, but learnt in the process that we are very blessed with wonderfully supportive friends and family. If you read this blog you will most definitely know the Tool Supermodel.


The Tool Supermodel decided to run through a glass sliding door last week. Being Africa it turns out that it was not furnished with the correct type of glass. She ended up with a massive cut on her upper inner arm that sliced through two arteries and several nerves. She very nearly died as a result of blood loss, but they were able to sort out the vascular side of things here in Windhoek. That took about four hours. The next morning Aoife and her mother were flown out to Cape Town to get the nerves sorted. She then had another 5 hour operation, in CT which went well.

I joined them in CT over the weekend and we all flew back to Windhoek on Monday. Now we have to wait 3-6 months to see whether the nerves will grow back. To top it all, they broke into my practice on the night of the initial surgery and stole almost all our PCs. That meant that I was not able to work the following day and we are still in the process of getting the practice up and running again.

So that is why I have been absent for a while. I trust that it is a valid excuse.

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  1. Thankfully she has the opportunity to recover from such a frightening experience. One day she will show her grandchildren the scar and they will look back at her in amazement as she tells her scary story of life in her youth.

    1. Hi Matt

      Thank you for the support. You are quite right, she is actually already back to her cheeky self. The story will of course again some momentum over the years as both our kids tend to have the knack of exaggerating.
      Please stay in touch.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear all that you have gone through this week. Though I’m really glad to hear that you are all home and safe. I’m sending plenty of wishes for a speedy recovery. I’m sending a separate email your way.


  3. That was NOT an excuse for being absent but a Reason, our family must come first, Best Wishes to the whole family.
    Michael J Price

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