The “parked” experience

During the past weekend I wanted to add to the posts on the different planes I am in the process of building. To my shock I found that my website has been “parked”. I had a huge fright because I had no idea what this meant. My first thought was that I would lose all the stuff I wrote so diligently   over the past few months.

A quick call to my IT guy who has set the account/domain up, had me feeling a bit better. Apparently the server “parks” your website when they do not receive the fees in a timely fashion. My IT guy had some trouble to log on to their system in order to pay the fees, hence my site being “parked” for two days. He managed to “unpark” the site fairly quickly though. Well, I guess you live and learn so now at least I can tick the “parked experience” as well.

I am however happy to report that we did not lose anything and that I am aiming to add all the stuff I did on the weekend within the next few days. I made good progress on the Jack Plane, Fore Plane and Jointer.

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