Stanley no.10 Rabbet plane rehab


This ca. 1910 Stanley no.10 Rabbet plane arrived today after crossing the Equator and the Atlantic Ocean en route to the Land of The Brave. It is another of my acquisitions from Patrick Leach.


Here you can see what the blade, chip breaker and lever cap looked like as I took the plane apart.


I found ample evidence that the plane was used at some point between 1910 and 2014, as you can see.


Initially I decided to only send these three parts (from my latest acquisition) for bead blasting, but then changed my mind and sent (second picture) all the blades, chip breakers, the #10’s frog and the #607’s main casting off too. (see posts entitled “Third acquisition from Patrick Leach” and “Stanley Bedrock no. 607 rehab”)


As you can see here, the main casting lost some japanning during it’s 104 year tenure.


During a very brief (less than 4 days) visit to Kenney at the Prop Shop it lost all of the rest of it’s japanning, rust and gunk.


The lever cap were bead blasted and then plated with cadmium.


The blade and chip breaker (left two) received the same treatment as above.



I hope to get close to finishing this rehab over the next weekend. So hopefully will be able to post the rest of the drama next week.


I first applied a coat of rust converter followed by an anti-rust undercoat (first picture). That was followed by three coats of black high gloss truck enamel.


After removing the masking tape, it looked like this.


Initially I I thought that the frog did not need the full treatment, but after try to clean it realised that it really should get the benefit of a bead-blast exfoliation. It is pictured with the #607 Bedrock (you will find a seperate post on this rehab) shortly after returning from the spa and after the rust converter, followed by anti-rust under coat and enamel paint.


Starting to look like the business.


Posing with the #607.





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