Shop made Fidgenian frame saw – part 3


I had the pleasure of finishing this Tom Fidgen inspired frame saw over the weekend. If you missed the first two posts in this series, click these links:

Part 1

Part 2

I treated the Kershout with Tung Oil followed by a coat of Woodoc.



One last foto pre-assembly.




My righthand man Connor (my son’s best mate) had the honour of first handling the assembled saw. As you can see it came out pretty nice.  Kershout is really one of the most beautiful wood species from this part of the world.




Unfortunately, I have not been able to weigh it yet, but will post the weight as soon as I have it.  However it felt reasonable during a test cut, but I will have to report on how it feels after a few heavy re-sawing cuts. Before I can do that I need to build a kerfing plane. I have an idea which departs significantly from Tom Fidgen’s model, but you will have to wait with me to see if it works, otherwise we will revert to his version.

6 thoughts on “Shop made Fidgenian frame saw – part 3”

  1. Gerhard,

    That’s spectacular. I’m really impressed with your work. The carving detail on the tail end is very nice and I love the color of the wood. It almost looks like it has been treated with a very even mahogany stain after only tung oil.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Jonathan

      Thank you for the compliments. I promise there were no stain involved. Only tung oil and Woodoc (which is something similar to shellac, it has no pigment that is for sure, but it is anyone’s guess what they chuck in there).
      I have to find a gadget of some description to weigh it and let you know.

      Have a wonderful day.

    1. Hi Aymeric

      Yes, I am also pleased with the end product. Woodoc is something similar too premixed shellac. It has no pigment in it (another reader Jonathan though that the colour was so nice it must have been enhanced), but exactly what is in the concoction is anyone’s guess. I can tell you that it is a South African product and you can check it out further by going here I used this particular version for the frame saw.

      Thanks again for your comment it is much appreciated.

  2. Beautiful work, Gerhard.

    What kind of blade did you get for the saw and where did you get it?

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