Shop High Stool facelift


In order to provide a brief hiatus in my bench building activities I decided that it is time to update the shop high stool I originally built back in 2000. You will notice that it was made out of the same Swarthout strips I used for the Darwinian Sawhorses. After almost ten years in storage it did not look particularly elegant.


I decided to rip the fabric off and to replace it with Hyena leather. Or at least that is what I think it is as it was written on the back of the piece I bought from Nakara.


It is a very sturdy and thick leather with a colour that is pleasing to the eye.


The staple gun did a sterling job to fix it. As you can see I did not spend too much effort to get it perfect as it is only a shop workhorse. You will also notice that I reinforced the structure with bits of scrap pine that was lying around.


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