Roubo sharpening bench – part 3

22/6/2015 It feels a bit like deja vu doing the massive joinery for this bench, as it was exactly what I was doing this time last year. It is however excellent practice in preparation for building furniture. I realise that my skills have improved significantly since the previous round of doing this. Also, the bench … Continue reading Roubo sharpening bench – part 3

Roubo sharpening bench – part 2

15/6/2015 I would like to apologise for my silence over the past week. Due to a lack of shop time I had nothing to report. You might have noticed one of the comments on the first part of this series, but if not Carsten from Germany commented  as follows: ” this wood is without doubt … Continue reading Roubo sharpening bench – part 2

Roubo Sharpening bench – part 1

1/6/2015 I’ve been planning to build a small sharpening station in order to make it easier to keep all my edge tools in top nick. At the moment I have to dig out the sharpening paraphernalia, set it up, sharpen what ever needs attention and pack it all away. This has the side effect of … Continue reading Roubo Sharpening bench – part 1

Aoife’s bed – part 3

11/4/2016 This is the final chapter in the series on building my daughter a bed from mostly reclaimed wood using Japanese joinery. You can find the previous chapters here (part 1) and here (part 2). As you might remember we only have the headboard left to do. Aoife’s has been using the actual bed since … Continue reading Aoife’s bed – part 3

Tour de shop and project inventory 2015

30/11/2015 Once again, as per usual, it is time to review what happened this year at Je ne sais quoi Woodworking. It has been without a shadow of doubt the most exciting year since starting on this journey in March 2013. The most encouraging aspect was the increase in exposure of the website. Until February … Continue reading Tour de shop and project inventory 2015

Shaw’s Patent rehab

July 2014 I bought this plane back in July 2014 from Patrick Leach. It is a Sargent no. 14C Jack plane. This is Sargent’s equivalent of a Stanley no. 5. It is known as a Shaw’s Patent, after it’s inventor who was assigned the patent for this plane’s adjustable frog on the 3rd of July … Continue reading Shaw’s Patent rehab