My 18th Century Workbench in progress 25

November 2014

My final job towards finishing my bench for 2014 was to start building the twin screw vise jaw. I managed to prepare the two beech boards (pictured) by hand a month or so earlier. Thus it had quite some time to settle. Lie-Nielsen provide a very detailed pdf document on how to build the jaw that goes with their hardware. It took some work with the router, a glue-up and Bob’s your Uncle!



I decided to take a few pictures to document the state of the bench prior to any work done for 2015.


2015 started off with some very tricky fitting work in order to get the twin screw vise fitted to the bench. The main reason for this is that I decided to drill holes in my 4″ bench top to accommodate the 2 ACME threaded rods, rather than to cut 2″ deep dados.

The Witpeer breadboard end had to be sawn off flush with the edge of the top before I could even start to fit the vise.


I did not take too many photos (during installation) as I was too busy swearing and struggling, but here are some pictures of the end result.



This weekend I focused on getting the end vise finished.


Then I made the two handles for the other two vises, using Assegaai and Beech.


Here are my first shop made Assegaai bench dogs in action.


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