My 18th Century Workbench in progress 21


I really do hope that this will be the last post that does not include a picture of the assembled bench. I am starting to get a bit worried that I might not be able to get it assembled before the major changes in humidity. To give you an idea, the ambient humidity in my shop change from around 25-30% in winter to 75-80% during the rainy season.

Here you can see how I fitted the legvise hardware to the leg that will play host to the mentioned vise.


The next task was to do some of the preparation work to eventually fit the breadboard-end. The rest of this process can only be done once the bench is assembled for the (hopefully) final dry run.


This piece of Ysterhout was processed as pictured to become the planing stops. You can also see how I marked out and chopped the holes in the top to accommodate them. My cousin, a Urologist from Cape Town, did the final tidying up of the two orifices. He seems to have a particular talent when it comes to an orifice.


While he was perambulating the two orifices, I started fitting the long stretchers to their legs.


Here I just finished excavations for the end vise to be fitted.


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