Lie-Nielsen customer service

6/11/2013 – I would like to thank everyone at Lie-Nielsen, and in particular Deneb Puchalski, Kirsten Lie-Nielsen and Jillian McCrohan for their superb customer service. It has been my consistent experience that these guys go out of their way to help poor sods like me who are stuck in woodworking-hinterland. Otherwise known as Africa, or more specifically Namibia. For customers like me they probably spend more time and effort to get my orders sorted than what would be economically profitable.

Over the past few weeks they have responded to heaps of e-mails and came up with ingenious plans to help me. They are not scared or reluctant to give me advise when I decide to try and build a tool myself to cut down on cost as you can imagine what the shipping to Namibia adds up to. When I do order some of their gold standard tools, they simply leave no stone unturned to make sure that it gets to me safely.

Due to my geographically-challenged-status, I end up having to buy everything I need via mail order and can honestly say that Lie-Nielsen has been the only company willing to deal with all the challenges of getting stuff to my Deep Dark African hideout.

So thanks a lot guys and viva Lie-Nielsen!

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