Braaivleis borde

7/2/2014 – I laminated this board using Ystehout (wide strips), Kershout (dark strips), and Witpeer (edges) back in the latter stages of 2012. It then sat in the shop until the end of 2013 before I had the gusto to turn it into something useful. We were getting ready for our Desember holidays, so I decided that it should become braaivleis borde.


I first cleaned up the long edges with my shop made jointer to ensure that the router would glide smoothly. The pictures also show how my shop made Legvise and sliding deadman function in tandem.



I decided to keep the board intact for for the routing of the grooves meant to catch liquids.


Then I chopped it up into the individual boards and routed the rest of the grooves.


Here you can see how my assembly table assists with holding the plates while I route the grooves at either end of the board meant to act as a grip for picking it up.


The plates were finished off by means of a few coats of liquid paraffin.


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