18th Century inspired workbench denouement


Yes, it is finally over. It took one year and six weeks. I can finally tick that box that says “workbench inspired by tradition, but tweaked to my needs and peculiarities”. I would like to thank Christopher Schwarz for the wealth of information in his two brilliant books on workbenches. It was my main source of inspiration and a guiding light for a relatively inexperience woodworker to design and build this bench.

So thank you Chris, you are a legend.

Two weeks ago I finished and fitted the second sliding deadman.


The final task was to flatten the top.



Please excuse me for going mental with all the photos, but after such a protracted building phase I cannot help myself. I am planning to write a post to explain and justify the design decisions I took. After a year or two of working on the bench I will be able to report on what works well and what could be better. For now I would prefer to think that it is perfect. Please allow me this temporary loss of reason.

Finally, I would like to thank the people who shared this journey with me by reading these posts.


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